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I'm a freelance business consultant & academic based in Bucharest, Romania.

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Having fun making things happen since 2006.

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Hello, I'm a business consultant & academic from Bucharest, Romania. I hold a doctorate in marketing from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and a MBA from Bucharest Business School (ASE) and Telfer School of Management (uOttawa).

I currently work as an assistant professor tenure in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and a business consultant with Marketing Zoom Expert.

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Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation. - Milan Kundera

Digital & Print Media Design

From making a professional creation brief to completing the design or managing the creative process I have sufficient experience the marketing vision guarantees success.

Marketing Research

I can perform a large variety of market research from surveys, interviews and focus groups to eye tracking, experiments, mystery shopping and observations.

Online Marketing

The aim of the online strategy of the company is to offer congruence between the website and social media as well as the offline channels.

Marketing Audit & Consultancy

Companies that need to reinforce their market position or solve an issue should start with an objective audit and proper consultancy services.

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Work Experience

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

  1. Centre for Career Guidance and Counseling

    Career Development Facilitator

    I love sharing knowledge with my students to better prepare them for the future professional life and this opportunity allowed me to go even further and actually help with their employability.

  2. Bucharest Business School

    Marketing & Communication Manager

    I was granted the chance to join the wonderful administrative team of BBS and see change happening with the 3 MBA programs we were coordinating.

  3. Marketing Zoom Expert

    Business Consultant Partner

    The private business consultancy business is a great way to meat real people with real problems and work with them to see things get back on track.

  4. Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

    Assistant Professor Tenure

    Working my way up the ladder from research assistant was and still is the best way to keep in touch with the academic news and expertise and it had proven to be a right choice.

  5. CNDPI Romsoft

    Marketing Specialist

    Working for the Romanian retail IT hardware market leader at that time was a privilege and the acquired knowledge is priceless even today.

  6. Rodipet

    Marketing Specialist

    Right after graduation I started work in the Romanian national press distribution leading corporation where I ended up being the marketing deputy for the franchise network.

  7. Media Monitoring Agency

    Marketing Referee

    The two year experience with the Media Monitoring Agency of Academia Catavencu will not be forgotten as it prepared me for the jobs to come and will not be forgotten any time soon.


Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Certified Project Management Professional (PMI US)

PMAccess (PMI accredited)

I am a cerified Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI) US since December 2016.


Certified PMP

December 2016

Master in Business Administration MBA

Telfer School of Management (uOttawa) and Bucharest Business School (ASE)

A life changing experience that defined me as a business consultant with a great mix of North American business experience and Romanian case studies.


Magna Cum Laude

2014 - 2016

Doctorate in Marketing (PhD)

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

This one was a personal challenge to get the top academic certification in the science of marketing from best Romanian economic university, and it worth each drop of sweat.


Magna Cum Laude

2008 - 2011

Masters in Pedagogy and Training

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

This was a must have for my teaching career but it turned out to be more than I had expected and it made me see things from a different perspective.


Magna Cum Laude

2009 - 2011

Masters in Online Marketing

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Right there in 2006 I saw the critical part that the online environment will play in business and I turned out to be a winner.


Magna Cum Laude

2006 - 2008

Bachelor Degree

Bucharest University of Economic Studies

After acceptance 2 years of classes in the Faculty of Commerce I had the opportunity to be one of the first cohorts of the newly created Faculty of Marketing.


Magna Cum Laude

2002 - 2006

High School Certificate

Dimitrie Leonida High School

It all started here as the acceptance in the IT intensive class changed my life forever. I graduated with special honors and an assistant programmer certificate.


Magna Cum Laude

1998 - 2002

You Just Can’t Beat the Person Who Never Gives Up.

- Babe Ruth (George Herman Ruth Jr.) -

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